New aspects of the human occupation at the end of the Pleistocene at Eynan/Ain Mallaha

Dans le cadre du Programme de Recherche Conjoint France-Israël du CNRS « HUMID », international workshop

New aspects of the human occupation at the end of the Pleistocene at Eynan/Ain Mallaha (northern Jordan Valley): insights from the analyses of human and faunal remains

29 Mai 2019
Nanterre Université, bâtiment Max Weber, salle de séminaire 2

Organisé par
Anne Bridault (UMR 7041 ArScAn- Archéologies environnementales)
Rivka Rabinovich (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

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9h Welcoming at Max Weber Building, seminar room 2

9h20-9h30 A. Bridault (UMR 7041) & R. Rabinovich (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) : Introduction

9h30-9h50 F. Valla (UMR 7041) : The Final Natufian at Eynan/Ain Mallaha

9h50 –10h10 R. Rabinovich (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) : What kind of climatic conditions the Natufian faced in the southern Levant ?

10h10-10h30 G. Kahila Bar-Gal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) : The Southern Levant gazelles genomic profile

10h30-10h50 Questions

10h50-11h15 Coffee break

11h20-11h40 A. Bridault, R. Rabinovich : Investigating the macro-mammal remains of the Final Natufian occupation at Eynan/ Ain Mallaha: where are we?

11h40-12h00 F. Rivals (ICREA-IPHES, Tarragona) : Ungulates paleodiet and seasonality in the Final Natufian assemblage from Eynan/ Ain Mallaha (Northern Jordan Valley, Israel)

12h00-12h20 L. Weissbrod (Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa) : The spatial and contextual distribution of the micromammal fauna of Eynan: assessing human vs. natural taphonomic modes

12h20-12h50 Questions

13h00-14h00 Buffet lunch in the hall

14h00-14h20 R. Biton (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and S. Bailon (UMR 7209) : The Frogs, Lizards and Snakes from Eynan – Background Fauna or More?

14h20-14h40 A. Borvon (UMR 7041) : Fish exploitation in the final Natufian at Eynan / Ain Mallaha (Israel) : the study of the structure 228.

14h40 -15h00 Y. Goren (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) : Early pyrotechnology at Eynan/Ain Mallaha: The study of plaster and plaster- like features.

15h00 -15h20 Questions

15h20-15h40 J.-M. Tejero (UMR 7041) : The technical exploitation of the bone at Ain Mallaha. Issues to assess by crossing data from the archaeozoology and osseous technology

15h40-16h00 F. Bocquentin (UMR 7041), E. Bellon (USR 3225), N. Le Tellier- Becquart (USR 3225) and L. Costa (UMR 7041)The project of Ain Mallaha’s archives digitization: what procedure, what interfaces, and what scientific issues? The case of anthropological remains.

16h00-16h15 Questions

16h15-16h40 Coffee break

16h40-17h00 F. Valla & J.-M. Tejero (UMR 7041) : The Natufian site of Eynan/ Ain Mallaha (Galilee, Israel). Excavations 1996- 2005. Presentation of the project of the study and publication of the site.

17h00- 17h30 Conclusion – Discussion

19h30 Diner in Paris
Ministry of Science & Technology
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique